Hints & Tips

Here are some example strong car setups and track design combinations:

Good Acceleration and Braking, Weak Top Speed

Short/Medium straights followed by slow corners

Good Cornering

As many medium and high speed corners as possible

Good Top Speed, Weak Acceleration

As many high speed corners as possible, as few low speed corners as possible

Good Top Speed and Cornering

As many high speed corners followed by long straights as possible

Other hints and tips:

  • In Championship mode you can adjust your car setup half way through the race. If you are behind, adjust your setup.
  • Keep an eye on the chance of rain and adjust your setup accordingly. In the rain, braking and cornering are more effective than acceleration and top speed.
  • Rain can weaken some setups more than others. For example, a car with a strength of one in every category will be reduced to zero in every category. A car with an acceleration strength of four will only be reduced to an acceleration strength of 3.
  • On a street circuit, slow and medium corners are possible at the intersection of wide streets.
  • If you are not in front after the first lap it doesn’t necessarily mean you will not win the race. Cars with good acceleration always get a strong start. Design a track that doesn’t require too much braking and acceleration and eventually you may catch up.

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