Now Available in the App Store

Grand Prix Builder puts you in charge of creating the race track. Use this to your advantage and create a track to suit your car.

Every car has a different setup for each race (acceleration, braking, top speed and cornering). Design a track to maximise your setup and win the race. The cars race automatically based on their setup. Races are won by thousandths of a second and victories are determined by your track building skills.

Featuring four game modes:

• Championship (Build tracks and race in ten countries across six seasons)

• Challenge (Win races by determining the best car setup across 120 tracks)

• Time Trial (Record the fastest times across 8 tracks by adjusting your setup during the race as often as you like)

• Practice Mode

Grand Prix Builder is a unique racing strategy game unlike any other.

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One thought on “Now Available in the App Store

  1. Although you probably aren’t working on this app anymore, I am obsessed with it. I am writing to request some modifications to it for a more enjoyable experience. What I would really like would be a higher number of turns so a more unique race track can be constructed. The amount of allowed turns and corners limits the possibilities and level of enjoyment under the current program. Also a higher level of sensitivity to the touch and drag format for creating the track line. If this is at all possible to accommodate I would be grateful and it would make this app a more enthralling game to play. Thank you and I hope to hear some feedback.

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